February 17, 2004

Hello, all you Micahites (all 3.5 of you) out there and welcome to my new website! I started this site to have a place to put up the music that I record in my studio. I figured i'd better grab this domain name before I become famous and someone else snatches it up and exploits it. Those dirty commies! Since I bought the space I may as well kill a few birds with one wad of cash so I'll be improving upon Asher's emailing news letter. Nice thought, Asher but that's sooo January 2004... Well this is February baby, time to get with the times. Rather than emailing a few people with a life update I'll post it on my site for the WHOLE WORLD to read! Yet another way I've proven my superiority to my smaller older brother. I don't just offer you an update in email format, nay, I give you an images page and a music page that will have mp3's of the greatest songs ever recorded (mine) and a links page with links to websites I deem worthy of viewage and an advertisement page for my studio (all the aforementioned may not yet be available in your area). And who wants to click a button that says reply or new to email someone when you could click a button that says contact. Asher, you've been trumped yet again, my friend... better luck next time.

Speaking of Asher, he just had a new baby girl. Congratulations on making me an uncle. Mom called me on the 14th and said, "Congratulations Micah, you're an uncle. I'm so proud of you. I know you'll be the best uncle that ever lived. You're the best, I love you." OK she didn't really say that but this is my site, can we stick to the topic at hand, please? (me) She did give me your cell number which I did NOT utilize because... well, you know... it's me we're talking about. In all seriousness, CONGRATULATIONS BROTHER!!! Oh... and uh, please next time you have a baby only send me the pictures of it after its been cleaned up!!!

On to more pressing issues...

Hmmm... Well... I'm moving my studio to a different room in the house. It will be in what is now the office. I will cut a hole in the wall to pass mic cables through so I can record in the room next door (Vicki's the best wife ever). This improvement will make it the best home studio on the block. Take that Bill Hollingsworth. You've got some catching up to do, buddy. I also just completed a custom-built desk for the control console and other gear. I put a sliding drawer on it big enough to fit my piano on. What a space saver! I built this desk completely from scratch, which I'm pretty proud of. I'll post a picture of it so you can bask in all its glory. I'll have to confirm this with the record books but I think its the best desk ever built my human hands.

Vicki's almost done with school forever, yeah! She's been gearing up to start the ranch and I think she's making great progress. She's hired the best website designer in the world to design her site and she's already had the nation's foremost logo specialist help create the ranch's logo. I don't know how she got all these connections. Proving once again, its not what you know it's who you're sleeping with know.

Well, my adoring Micahites, I believe it is time to close the book on this update. Keep checking back for updates to the rest of the site. You won't be disappointed. Oh, and don't be shy about using that contact button.

Love Ya,